Bonded & Insured
"Suzette Says" Tip of the Day:
All like items go together. Always put “like” with “like.” For example, all socks go in one area, all music CD’s go in one area, and all lawn and garden items go in one area.
  • Adaptability to a variety of floor plans

  • Concepts for using space effectively and efficiently

  • Consideration given to household members: singles, families and/or senior citizens

  • Appropriate utilization of physical desk space

  • Convenient placement of office equipment and filing cabinets

  • Implementation of a proper filing system, including correct format for labeling

  • Determine correct square footage ratio for storage

  • Identify the purpose of the garage: vehicle space, storage, workshop, etc.

  • Establish a logical layout of garage contents

Storage Units
  • Educate client of new and effective storage techniques

  • Maximize use of square footage

  • Ensure that valuable items are being stored safely

  • Honest analysis of time management and work flow

  • Place important information within arm's reach

  • Create a suitable work environment that is conducive to higher productivity

Moving Project
Moving Projects
  • Establish an organized yet adaptable moving plan that will minimize the client's effort

  • Strive to plan in advance of the anticipated moving date

  • Use designated labeling system that will reduce the unpacking effort

  • Build a system that will allow the client to easily recall upcoming events

  • Use time management to plan for both short-term and long-term periods

  • Incorporate realisitc time allotment strategies for future planning

Budget Planning
  • Familiarize client with anticipated due dates of bills and expenses

  • Create a simple spreadsheet to track expenditures

  • Regulate excessive spending with predetermined limits