Bonded & Insured
"Suzette Says" Tip of the Day:
All like items go together. Always put “like” with “like.” For example, all socks go in one area, all music CD’s go in one area, and all lawn and garden items go in one area.
About Suzette & An Organized Life
Suzette Gavin began creating checklists as early as her high school days, due to the extra curricular activities in which she was involved. She started extensive work filing systems and office organization when working as a property manager for local, regional, and large national property management companies.
Her office experience grew with each position she was promoted to, working her way up from being a leasing agent at a residential complex, to maintaining a portfolio of 15 strip shopping centers. Due to moving to different locations in the U.S. for new job opportunities, she gained a great deal of knowledge of not only how to organize a move to a new location, but also how to set up a new residence, on a number of occasions.
Each new residence having different amounts of square footage, storage, closets, cupboards, laundy areas, et cetera. It was a natural fit for her to become a professional as her company, An Organized Life was founded in March, 2005, when at that same time, she attended her first National Association of Professional Organizers (N.A.P.O.) conference. Suzette Gavin continues to enjoy her entrepreneurial spirit, loving what she does.
On the fun side of life - Suzette enjoys music a great deal, which entails playing the piano, or having a great time dancing on her kitchen tile floor, whenever a good song comes on the radio. She cannot deny her "happy feet."